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On Thu, 3 Mar 2022, 16:21 Guddla Rupesh, <rupeshforu3 at gmail.com> wrote:

I think that all the kernels shipped by distros are not considering latest
> processors instruction set. I think that even windows is doing the same.
> If opencl is detected properly any application can have improvement in
> performance about 10 percent.
> I can't find any option to set opencl in the Linux kernel config file or
> in any of the kernel source files.
> Atleast I am lucky to select option core 2 in the main .config file of
> kernel.
> Finally my request is there any way to export instruct set of my cpu to
> the kernel configuration and so after compilation my video encoding takes
> less time than previous.
> If it's a difficult task leave it and if it's possible try to suggest how
> to do so.

You have not read Torin's and my replies. I can assure you that Linux uses
ALL the latest extensions of Intel and AMD instruction sets.

And you didn't even read the code that Torin pointed out to you.

Personally I have written documentation for various x86-64 newer subsystem.
There is nothing of those ISA that Linux kernel and OS don't support. The
fact that the configuration option is simply called CONFIG_CORE2 (or
whatever) has no meaning at all.

If you can, please attach GDB to executing code or read the Assembly output
by GCC and see yourself what instructions Linux uses in the subsystems of
your choice.


Fabio M. De Francesco

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