How do I start contributing to the Linux kernel?

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Thu Feb 24 00:20:49 EST 2022

Hey Rogério,

On 23.02.2022 17:24, Rogério Valentim Feitoza da Silva wrote:
>Hi, Kernelnewbies subscribers!
>How do I start contributing to the Linux kernel, as a person who has
>never contributed before?

Similar questions have already been asked quite a bit on this mailing
list, I would advise you to search through the archive for a while:
With a few search terms you will find a lot of mail discussions about
this topic.

And also this reply by Valdis Klētnieks (9 days ago) for a similar

> I will be glad if someone can give me pointers for a good starting point to
> contribute.

Some guy wrote this a while back, and it's still mostly relevant.

> I have 3.5 years of experience in writing C
>code, 2.5 years in GNU/Linux (command line and programming, mostly),
>and 1 year in Git. But I've never written code for the Linux kernel,
>other than a call to panic(). My laptop runs Windows 10 Home Single
>Language, version 21H2, however I can run a hardware-accelerated
>Debian GNU/Linux VM for Linux kernel development on it (dual boot is
>not possible, due to hardware incompatibility, but I can easily set up
>a GNU/Linux VM on Windows). I've already subscribed to the Linux
>kernel mailing list (linux-kernel at, and I'm receiving
>lots of e-mails from other people who subscribed to LKML,

That is a lot of mail, my advise would be find what interests you and
only subscribe to that mailing list or you could also take a look at:
Which is a new tool that is currently being developed which enables you
to only get mail that matches specific filters (for example every patch
that touches a specific file etc.).

> with most
>containing patches for many Linux drivers and subsystems. Also, what
>are some useful resources for learning about the Linux kernel and
>Linux kernel development?

The Kernel documentation, pretty much everything else is out of date
within a few months.

>Kind regards,
>Rogério Valentim

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