How do I start contributing to the Linux kernel?

Rogério Valentim Feitoza da Silva rogerio.silva3920 at
Wed Feb 23 15:24:49 EST 2022

Hi, Kernelnewbies subscribers!

How do I start contributing to the Linux kernel, as a person who has
never contributed before? I have 3.5 years of experience in writing C
code, 2.5 years in GNU/Linux (command line and programming, mostly),
and 1 year in Git. But I've never written code for the Linux kernel,
other than a call to panic(). My laptop runs Windows 10 Home Single
Language, version 21H2, however I can run a hardware-accelerated
Debian GNU/Linux VM for Linux kernel development on it (dual boot is
not possible, due to hardware incompatibility, but I can easily set up
a GNU/Linux VM on Windows). I've already subscribed to the Linux
kernel mailing list (linux-kernel at, and I'm receiving
lots of e-mails from other people who subscribed to LKML, with most
containing patches for many Linux drivers and subsystems. Also, what
are some useful resources for learning about the Linux kernel and
Linux kernel development?

Kind regards,
Rogério Valentim

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