git magic or usage wisdom.

jim.cromie at jim.cromie at
Thu Aug 4 15:24:04 EDT 2022

so I have this patchset (sent to lkml recently ),
it adds a new struct:
struct _ddebug_info

dyndbg: create and use struct _ddebug_info

    this new struct gathers the linker provided vectors/sections:

         descs - the vector of descriptors in __dyndbg section.
         num_descs - length of the data/section

If I had an endless supply of free do-overs,
Id change the name to something a little less user-facing,
since its meant to ref the whole dyndbg-config-state

is there some git command magic to work this ?

in a pre-git world, I might try
perl -pi -e 's/_ddebug_info/_ddebug_stateinfo/g' 00*.patch

that "might" work, but could also create a myriad of conflicts
when the patchset is 'git am' d
and it might apply clean but still break on compile ?

anyone care to opine on the probability of success ?

If I try this, I'll report back.
ISTM more likely than my doing it manually.

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