Linux kernel environment setup in VSCode

Kwanghoon Son k.son at
Sun Apr 24 21:36:10 EDT 2022

On Mon, Apr 04, 2022 at 09:31:46PM +0300, Jasper Surmont wrote:
> Hey,
> I'm new to the Linux kernel development, and I wanted to set up a VSCode
> environment for navigating the code (I know, even though people tell me Vim
> is better but currently I'm really not comfortable with it yet).
> My main goal is just navigating and understanding. I've been able to make a
> lot work, and using the C/C++ extension from Microsoft I have good
> IntelliSense.
> However, some things are getting flagged by the extension as errors (which
> of course shouldn't, since I've been able to compile the kernel).
> These are things like: identifiers being undefined (for example, in
> kernel/sched/cpudeadline.c u64 is undefined) and errors like: function
> returning array is not allowed (for example, in drivers/md/dm-zero.c on the
> bottom).
vscode use clang and needs clangd.
you can generate from ./scripts/clang-tools/
which makes you navigate source code!
> I'm wondering if I'm forgetting things such that all these things get
> resolved. Any tips are appreciated.
> Thanks!
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