Linux kernel environment setup in VSCode

Pavel Skripkin paskripkin at
Thu Apr 14 16:35:53 EDT 2022

Hi Jasper,

On 4/4/22 21:31, Jasper Surmont wrote:
> Hey,
> I'm new to the Linux kernel development, and I wanted to set up a VSCode
> environment for navigating the code (I know, even though people tell me
> Vim is better but currently I'm really not comfortable with it yet).
> My main goal is just navigating and understanding. I've been able to
> make a lot work, and using the C/C++ extension from Microsoft I have
> good IntelliSense.

Just don't install stock C/C++ extension. This extension can't handle 
the kernel, so every time you press 'go to definition' button you will 
get "hey, there are 20 references, one of them is 100% definition, so go 
ahead and find it yourself".

That's why I moved to vim + ctags. It saves my time a lot.

I saw, that there are other c extensions and people say they are a way 
better, but I didn't give them a try

Good luck!

With regards,
Pavel Skripkin

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