Any tracing mechanism can track the executed instructions of a user process in the kernel?

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> Hi all,
> I am writing to kindly ask one question: is there any tracing
> mechanism in Linux kernel that can trace all the executed instructions
> of a user process? If this user process is run on different
> processors, traces of this process on different processors should be
> also recorded.

You've not explained in detail what is the purpose of the tracing that you
want to do. Missing this information I can only provide you a list of links
to various tools and methods. Take a look by yourself and try to figure out
what is better suited for your needs...
perf ftrace: <Linux source>/tools/perf/Documentation/perf-trace.txt

In particular, the "function_graph" tracer of ftrace seems to be suited for
your purposes:

Obviously, gdb (and friends) is still invaluable (but it may be difficult
to use, depending on your knowledge and experience, so use it if you really
know that  you need it):


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