Kernel module that shuts down the device

Greg KH greg at
Sun Nov 7 03:31:11 EST 2021

On Sat, Nov 06, 2021 at 07:54:39PM -0500, Drew Abbott wrote:
> Hi all,
> I am working on a kernel module that should shut down the device when USB
> is unplugged. I make a call to kernel_power_off(), but I see that it gets
> stuck trying to call blocking_notifier_call_chain(&reboot_notifier_list,
> kernel_shutdown_prepare().

Where are you calling it from?  Don't call it from irq context, which is
the context that USB urbs are called from.

> There is currently another driver that has the same function, and shuts
> down the device by calling kernel_power_off() successfully. I have tried
> adding prints in blocking_notifier_call_chain, but then the kernel log is
> flooded with calls and I can't really see what is happening.
> Does anyone have any insight into why my call to kernel_power_off() is
> hanging?

Do you have a link to your driver code so it can be reviewed?


greg k-h

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