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jim.cromie at jim.cromie at
Mon Jul 19 13:03:44 EDT 2021

> For example, see this patch for your reference:
> If you then require v3 of the patch, just use the same format, copy-paste
> previous changelog data and add v3, e.g.:
>     ---

IIUC, that line is the "snip" that  maintainer scripts (or maybe git am ?)
use to strip the extra info in the patch from the commit ?

>     v3:
>      - Fixed something else

Any wisdom to share on content of 0/N  intro messages ?

I tend to put all -vN-1 info in 0/N, and not in 1-N/ messages,
and usually just -vN-1, -vN-2
I dont think anyone cares about what chunks got moved around while
grooming the patchset.
(which is not to say I know what Im doing...)

0/N messages dont appear to get into merge commits,
or at least not always, perhaps its a sub-tree or maintainer preference.
It does leave some ambiguity about where to explain the work;
overviews in 0/N that dont get into a merge message
leave 1..N/ under-explained.

maybe my 0/N overviews just suck. ;-)

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