Documentation confusion on ICMP Rate Mask/Rate Limiting

Daryll Swer daryllswer15 at
Fri Dec 31 13:34:56 EST 2021

Hi Folks

So I will get straight to the point, I am trying to figure out some answers
on *icmp_ratelimit* and *icmp_ratemask* based on the man page

The questions are:

   1. How can we determine the Packet per second rate on any given
   rate-limit value (say 10)? Without of course going the hard way of
   benchmarking it by ICMP flooding.
   2. Just what exactly is the *correct mask* in *Binary form* to *include
   all* known ICMP types instead of just the default mask? Been having a
   hard time with this one.
   3. Do we have something of this nature for *IPv6 *in the Kernel? I don't
   see it in most Linux based NetworkOSes as a documented feature.

Default rate-mask below, just can't get it through my head. Maybe we should
also look at revising the documentation wordings for it and possibly make
some changes to the actual code to simplify the bit mapping?

My best guess is that is is the answer to question *2*:

[image: image.png]

Best Regards
Daryll Swer
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