Device to test usblcd.c wanted

Philipp Hortmann philipp.g.hortmann at
Tue Dec 21 23:12:35 EST 2021

Hi all,

I would like to test drivers/usb/misc/usblcd.c with a USB LCD Display.

But I cannot find a suitable device.
I have searched with google but I get so much hits for other devices 
that I cannot find the right one.

I have tried to contact the author of the driver but:
The response from the remote server was:
550 5.1.1 <g.toth at>: Recipient address rejected: User unknown

The idVendor = 0x10D2 does also not help because RayComposer - R. Adams 
does not response and does not offer such products.

It seems that in 2009 the idVendor = 0x10D2 was used by vendor MOLEX. 
But this also does not help.

Thanks for your support.

Bye Philipp

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