Eudyptula Challenge.

Thomas Bracht Laumann Jespersen t at
Fri Aug 20 06:43:33 EDT 2021

> It is my plan to share some, if not all, of my material from Eudyptula
> challenge here mostly with the intent of getting critique.
> This should not be against any Eudyptula challenge rules as a lot of people
> have already shared their solutions to the challenge on Github and probably

Isn't it against the rules? Either way, it's your call :-) and little also
provides feedback on submitted solutions.

> It is my hope that this is not against any list rules. This looks like the
> case to me and would it happen that this is not the case, any heads up would
> be much appreciated.

Which task are you on? And are you on IRC? We can chat on #eudyptula on if you like.

-- Thomas

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