kernel / system configuration question regarding "unstable filesystems"

Colin Williams colin.williams.orcas at
Sun Aug 15 21:08:20 EDT 2021


I'm using a SD card to boot my device. The SD card is connected via a
USB-C hub due to the device not having any other connectors. This hub
and slot will lose power temporarily if plugging in or unplugging
power passthrough to the hub. Then on these events the filesystem
becomes unmounted and while my system is still running, it becomes
unusable. I get input / output errors for example from the terminal. I
think what's going on is some portion of the system is loaded into
memory. However many critical parts become unavailable.

Then I'm curious what options I have at the kernel or system level to
ruggedize this so these events don't destroy the system. Before
exposing my own ignorance presenting any ideas with my limited
knowledge regarding this topic. Is anyone familiar enough to suggest
some design approaches or where I might find the best answer regarding
a designed solution?

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