Problem for testing linux-next

Sidong Yang realwakka at
Mon Aug 16 06:17:51 EDT 2021

Hi, all.

I'm trying to test linux-next. I'm using QEMU for testing.
I cloned linux-next repository and checkout to last tag next-20210812.
I compiled with simple command below.

make menuconfig
make & make modules_install & make install

and rebooted system. and it failed.
It hangs after the message "freeing unused kernel image (init mem)
after about 500 seconds, it prints call trace including
"x2apic_send_IPI" and it blocked.
I want to copy and past it to here. but I don't know how to see the
dmesg in last failed session.

Is there any wrong configuration for compiling?
I would paste it if I could copy the error message.


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