My effort to learn Linux kernel development

Aruna Hewapathirane aruna.hewapathirane at
Tue Aug 10 09:10:30 EDT 2021

Hello Sue and everybody else,

Useful to know :

Very useful to know:

I wish 'I' found this years ago when I first started


And if you really, really want the book:

Even if you never click any of those links, you really really want to click
the one that says 'very useful to know'
This is the 'diff' ( pun intended ) between theory and 'lived experience'

And Amit just follow your heart my friend.  If you want to document 'your'
experiences go ahead. Peer review is
important but should not dictate what 'you' include in 'your website' when
it comes to what 'you' want to do as long as
it is not an actual  patch in the kernel then peer review becomes sadly but
out of necessity "zero tolerance" for the greater
good. ( I think.. )

And please read this Amit it will help you see things from a entirely
different perspective an dmind-set:

Peace to ye all - Aruna
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