My effort to learn Linux kernel development

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Mon Aug 2 13:33:15 EDT 2021

I'm reading this book

- Linux Kernel Development 3rd (Robert Love)

On 02/08/2021 11:31, Cindy Sue Causey wrote:
> On 7/24/21, Aruna Hewapathirane <aruna.hewapathirane at> wrote:
>> <snip>
>>> I know well that there is not any book that provides current knowledge
>>> about the Linux kernel.
>> Hello Amit,
>> If you watch this through to the very end you will not require any books
>> :-)
> Chiming in to add that I don't normally click on random proffered URLs
> because I've fallen into so many (time wasting) traps over the years..
> BUT I did click on this one since it's Youtube..
> It's Linux Foundation, y'all, so it's very worth a peek. This is the
> description when you get there:
> "Tutorial: Building the Simplest Possible Linux System - Rob Landley,
> This tutorial walks you through building and booting the simplest
> possible Linux system, first under QEMU and then on real hardware. We
> cover kernel configuration and building, native vs cross compiling,
> initramfs creation (and other root filesystem options), installing and
> booting, the init process and system bringup, running an app, adding
> an example server (sshd), and finally we'll add a native toolchain to
> compile "hello world" on the target.
> Creative Commons Attribution license (reuse allowed)"
> Apparently... if you've ever helped generate 10 million+ views for a
> video of something about liquid nitrogen and a swimming pool, you've
> already met the author.
> Thanks for that share, Aruna. I'll be playing over there after
> Gibson's Night of 100 Guitars is done (again), lol!
> Cindy :)
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