Importing the Japanese Shift-JIS encoding to the kernel's locale

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Sat Apr 24 01:50:57 EDT 2021

On Sat, 24 Apr 2021 01:36:13 -0400, HerbalNekoTea said:

> Hi, i have kinda found a method a couple years ago to import the Japanese
> Shift-JIS encoding from Fedora/CentOS/RHEL/OpenSuse to any other
> distribution and i keep forgetting to maintain the sideloading method when
> the kernel update broke it.

> Essentially, the reply from 2018 from this bugzilla mailing list was what i
> found to make it work.

> It would required to have a up to date fedora build and rip it from that
> location... Which's very inconveniant. Hence why i was hoping to have it
> supported by default by the kernel.

Locales are very much a userspace thing, the kernel doesn't care or know about
it.  If you're using the line-mode virtual consoles rather than Gnome terminal
or xterm or other GUI terminal program, you'll need an appropriate font, but
again, that's more userspace than kernel.

If you read the last comment that you're pointing at in that bugzilla, it
flat out tells you how to fix your issue *in userspace*.

This is not a kernel problem.  
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