Importing the Japanese Shift-JIS encoding to the kernel's locale

HerbalNekoTea herbalnekotea at
Sat Apr 24 01:36:13 EDT 2021

Hi, i have kinda found a method a couple years ago to import the Japanese
Shift-JIS encoding from Fedora/CentOS/RHEL/OpenSuse to any other
distribution and i keep forgetting to maintain the sideloading method when
the kernel update broke it.

A lot of Japanese content for Windows, who are able to run into Wine,
required Japanese Shift-JIS locale used mostly back in the days. Sadly,
only the distros above have it in their file and nobody noticed for years.
This is also a major reason why Japanese speaker never used Linux too much
due to Linux never supporting Shift-JIS by default and one of the reason
MacOS and Windows got a monopole there (Yeah, MacOS support it from

My main issue's idk what's the license of the locale itself. The license of
the package from the Fedora repo state the following for that package "LGPLv2+
and LGPLv2+ with exceptions and GPLv2+ and GPLv2+ with exceptions and BSD
and Inner-Net and ISC and Public Domain and GFDL" which made me feel like
it might had come from FreeBSD and might be BSD license... I am very unsure
about it.

Essentially, the reply from 2018 from this bugzilla mailing list was what i
found to make it work.

It would required to have a up to date fedora build and rip it from that
location... Which's very inconveniant. Hence why i was hoping to have it
supported by default by the kernel.

It's kinda my first time to the kernel mailing list, hence why i am posting
in the newbie section to not annoy anybody in the more official channel.
IDK either how i can contribute the patch. I really hope this local can be
included by default upstream so it get supported for the Japanese user to
have their classic game supported in Wine so Linux could spare them from
Windows 10's current issue.

-Regard, HerbalNekoTea
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