toolchain name for building linux kernel?

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Wed Nov 18 00:17:46 EST 2020

Thanks for replying. Yes, at that time, it was sparc and this time it's
aarch64. I'm building the kernel on x86_64 machine.
So target is aarch64, host is x86_64. 
My question is about the end part (elf or linux).
To build linux kernel, shouldn't it be elf? (using libraries for baremetal,
like newlib)
And to build a application that'll run on linux, shouldn't it be
linux?(using libraries for linux)
Please see that last part of
I wonder why the toolchain name that I built linux kernel ends with -linux.

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> On Tue, 17 Nov 2020 14:37:00 +0900, ckim at said:
> > Some years ago, I used to use sparc-ab-elf- to build linux kernel.
> That will probably build a kernel for the Sun SPARC architecture...
> > Recently, I found a website that I should use aarch64-linux-gnu tool
> > to build the kernel.
> >
> > I tried following it and it generated vmlinux file. (I can't find the
> > web page link, but I'm sure I wrote that procedure down when I built
> > vmlinux)
> That vmlinux file will only be useful for a 64-bit ARM architecture.
> What sort of machine are you going to run the newly built kernel on, and
> what sort of machine are you using for the build?
> (If you're building on the system you'll be booting it on, the distro's
> gcc and make commands should be sufficient)

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