toolchain name for building linux kernel?

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Tue Nov 17 00:37:00 EST 2020


Some years ago, I used to use sparc-ab-elf- to build linux kernel. 

I thought that tool was for building bare-metal program. (because linux
kernel is a kind of bare-metal program itself)

We had also sparc-ab-linux- that were used for compiling application that
runs on linux.


Recently, I found a website that I should use aarch64-linux-gnu tool to
build the kernel. 

I tried following it and it generated vmlinux file. (I can't find the web
page link, but I'm sure I wrote that procedure down when I built vmlinux)

Now I find it strange, because the tool name 'aarch64-linux-gnu-' seems to
be the one for compiling application on linux!

Am I missing something? Could anyone clarify what is wrong with my idea?




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