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Pankaj Vinadrao Joshi Pankaj.VJ at exaleapsemi.com
Tue Nov 3 02:50:16 EST 2020

Hi Valdis,
Actually i am trying to understand linux kernel power management stuff,what i am trying to do is simply i want my lcd light never go into sleep state, without bothering about whether my system is in freeze state or S2RAM state simply kind of resume/suspend mechanism as i am very new to linux pm i need bit info about it.

i am checking following but i didnt find any clue

$ grep  . /sys/class/wakeup/wakeup*/device/power/wakeup


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On Tue, 03 Nov 2020 06:45:29 +0000, "Pankaj Vinadrao Joshi" said:
> with this my whole system is going into supend state but specifically i want my
> lcd backlight or wifi in Active state without considering the state of system

What use will the lcd backlight be when your graphics subsystem is powered down?

And unless your wifi supports wake-on-lan, leaving it active won't do anything, because
any received packets won't be processed.

What problem are you trying to solve here?
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