SElinux and its own error code?

Bernd Petrovitsch bernd at
Sun May 3 12:02:05 EDT 2020

Hi all!

On 03/05/2020 03:55, Jeffrey Walton wrote:
> I lost about four hours chasing inaccurate messages from Apache. It

Only 4hours? ;-) SCNR ...

> turns out SElinux was denying access, so the EPERM was not really
> accurate. But Apache saw EPERM or EACCESS and logged a message related
> to Posix permissions.

It's since day 1 so (and that day is quite sometime ago) - and we all
ran into that at one point.
Sry, I fear you will have to cope with it ...

In an ideal world, the Kernel emits errors via dmesg in such
situations (i.e. the selinux subsystem) - perhaps in some
way configurable (and I had my fair share of grep-ing through
countless lines of selinux error messages to find the really
relevant ones for one given application/process/situation/...).


PS: JftSoC: I find the errno's quite coarse too but it's the
    way it is ....
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