BeagleBone Black patches

Shyam Saini mayhs11saini at
Wed May 15 03:22:49 EDT 2019

> Hi,

Hi Amit,

> I have started trying my hands on BBB. When I use this repo,
> to build BBB kernel, patches are applied on mainline/stable kernel release.
> When I build mainline kernel, there is not any defconfig for BBB
> (there is omap2plus).
> Should BBB specific patches be sent to the mailing list step by step?

By looking at [1] Buildroot beaglebone defconfig, it suggests that
beaglebon is using omap2plus as defconfig
and seems like it uses [2]am335x-boneblack.dts, which is already there
in mainline.


Thanks a lot,

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