Request Chinese mail list and FrontPage

Hao Lee haolee.swjtu at
Tue Sep 6 00:32:53 EDT 2016

On Tue, Sep 6, 2016 at 1:54 AM, Andrey Utkin <andrey_utkin at> wrote:
> My vision is that if some nice people of Chinese origination AND
> qualified as experienced kernel developers would have
> time and habit to reply newbie questions on kernelnewbies mailing list,
> they would often reply also to questions posted in English,
> because
>  - to succeed as kernel dev you must have good English, so good kernel
>    devs all know English well, and
>  - it would be unfair to answer only to your compatriots when a lot of
>    newbies of different nations want help, too.
> And what I see happening is that no people with Chinese names are
> answering the questions here. Most of answers come from Greg
> Kroah-Hartman, who doesn't speak Chinese I guess. However, I'm watching
> this list just for two weeks, so my conclusion may be wrong.

Hi, Andrey Utkin

Thanks for your advice. I agree that English is very useful when we
discuss kernel problems, but it's also necessary for us to have our
native language maillist. With this list, we can talk about various
topics, even trivial questions about kernel and I believe we can help
a lot of Chinese developers. If we can't deal with some difficult
problems, we will certainly ask for help in English list. Several
years ago, we once had a chinese mail list which domain is and many Chinese developer, such as Herbert Xu,
Wang Cong, Mingming Cao and Bryan Wu, were active in this list. But,
it's very pity that this domain is invalid now. That's why I request a
mail list.

Hao Lee

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