Pending work related to kernel for a newbie

Aleksander Alekseev afiskon at
Wed Jul 20 03:37:29 EDT 2016

Hello, Ashijeet

> I am kernel newbie and I was looking for something to work upon to
> improve my skill-set. I have good knowledge of C and experience in
> writing patches. Also please refer me if there is a to-do list for
> newbies related to pending tasks for linux kernel.

I'm newbie here as well. Still I have an experience of working on some
other open source projects. I believe the idea is always the same.

First, take a look on project's issue tracker:

Also you could probably review an existing code and propose refactoring
or optimization patches. Static code analyzers is always a good start
point. Try looking for typos in comments - you will be surprised how
many mistakes are there. Usually people like to write code but don't
like to document and/or test it. Join testing and reviewing new
patches, try to improve them.

I hope this will help.

Best regards,
Aleksander Alekseev

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