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Gnoleba GNOGBO gnognoleba at
Mon Jul 4 05:00:55 EDT 2016

Hi !

I had read a lot of book and link about initialization of the boot starting
of linux.

I read that , after the post by the bios the mbr is loaded in memory which
routine load this sector ?
In this sector  of 512 bytes we have 440 bytes for a routine what is the
function of this routine ? When this routine is executed ? The 2 bytes with
0xAA55 what is its function ? Who load it in memory ? And the all book i
had read said the mbr load the loader grub How ? And the grub launch the
kernel, ok . How this grub is load ? By which programm ?
So, i would like that someone give me the names of routines, the order of
their launching and which load or execute what until the grub exécution ?

Thank you for your help.
Greg i am waiting a lot from you !

Best regards
Gnoleba GNOGBO
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