Replacing "-custom" in my New Kernel development configuration

s.rawat imsaurabhrawat at
Wed Feb 11 12:42:17 EST 2015

I recently built the 3.18.5 kernel according to instruction on the
linuxkernel newbie page .I used /sbin/installkernel script to install the
modules and updated the grub.cnf.
On a reboot i get option 3.18.5[b]-custom[/b] and booted in.But now since I
am modifying the kernel and needed headers in /user/src for the same kernel
name i am using i.e 3.18.5 , but uname-r gives 3.18.5[b]-custom[/b].I can
still install headers with the name 3.18.5 and rename it to
3.18.5-custombut how is there any other way out to fix this.If I could
replace "-custom" in all the places or do I have to do it manually - in
grub, all all other places?I dont know how many places it has been
reference as "-custom".
I might have taken a wrong route i guess :S ! Have I??
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