eudyptula response time

Patrick Creech pcreech17 at
Thu Feb 5 20:05:03 EST 2015

> >   does anyone have an idea when is the response time for task 08? When
> > I submitted last december, I was 115th in the queue. I don't want to
> > resubmit again fearing that I will be bumped up into the end.
> > 
> > Dean
> > 
> I was also thinking about asking about my current queue-status
> (different task), but oh well. It would be a nice feature if automated.
> Anyways: you're not alone waiting ;)
>                             martin

After asking something similar a few days ago, it was brought to light
that responses will be slow for the moment.  I'm quoting what Giedrius
told me then:

"Taken from December 2014 challenge status report:

But note, for everyone, responses for the next month are going to be
very limited.  So relax, go read a good book, take a bike ride, enjoy
the lovely weather outside, don't worry about kernel programming
challenges, they aren't going anywhere, and as this isn't costing you
anything, there's nothing you can do about it.

Also don't resubmit your solution because that will put you at the end
of the queue."


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