How do _you_ read the linux source?

nick xerofoify at
Mon Apr 20 08:47:38 EDT 2015

On 2015-04-20 01:45 AM, Christoffer Holmstedt wrote:
> 2015-04-20 5:11 GMT+02:00 nick <xerofoify at>:
>> There were a few things I did when starting to learn the kernel
>> 1. Read Robert Love's Linux Kernel Development, I don't care how much you think
>> you known about the kernel read and trace the actual kernel code with this book!!
>> 2.Read a book on device drivers and the Linux networking stack, I
>> read Linux networking internals for this
> Thank you Nick, I'm just getting started with linux kernel development
> and have been looking around for books both more general and specific
> to networking. One thing in common several books I've found have is
> that they are based on the 2.6 version of the kernel (or older). Some
> parts have changed but are entire chapters in the above mentioned
> books too old to make sense when working on version linux kernel 4.1
> and beyond?
What you need to do is look at the source code and see what has changed this writing
of the book. This is what I do when reading kernel programming books or documentation.
Further more around way is to read the logs of the networking mailing lists for the
kernel to see what has changed recently.

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