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On Mon, Jun 24, 2013 at 1:08 PM, Daniel Hilst Selli
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> I'm working on an embedded project based on var-som-am35 from TI. [1]
> I experiencing a lot of corruption from files and even the entire
> filesystem... is there any guide on how debug filesystems corruption?
> We already tryied vfat and ext3 fs.. changed media, changed machines...

If both the filesystems are getting corrupted, there is a high chance
that it doesn't have to do anything with filesystem per se. There may
be some random module which is corrupting incore memory/structures,
and debugging that doesn't involve knowing filesystems specifics. To
find the culprit, you may have to identify the interesting things
related to corruption and narrow it down. Some things that can help
are :-

a) Is the corruption always happening at some particular offset of
page or on some specific filesystem metadata
b) What does the corruption look like, do structures get zeroed or get
filled with some value ? If its some particular address you can try
gdb watchpoints
c) What is the size of corruption. How much garbage is there.
Answering this will give you some hint about the structure which is

> The filesystem runs on mmc card, or on usb flash drive... There is a
> java aplication running on top of this filesystem, which uses JMS, that
> is very I/O agressive..
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