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> Hi all,
> I've followed up LDD3 and started off with writing device drivers . As
> usual i've started with char drivers given in that book and also started
> to make minor modifications to learn it better and so on.
> Now i would like to know how to take it forward and start writing
> drivers for a profession.
> I know its too early to call myself a guy writing device drivers but how
> do i take if forward from here so that i can become one.
> Is the only solution to pick up a device which does not work on linux
> and get it working? Are there any other ways as well?
> Shampavman
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> Hi Shampavman
> There are many ways to became a Linux Device Driver Developer.
> -> New Embedded platforms ; There are many platforms with none 
> official Linux kernels ( came to my mind some with HDMI like DN2800MT)
I had to state my other problem here. Without actual hardware to work on 
its not possible to do much right.
In such a scenario what can i do?
> -> Fix and test the current development kernel. Check on Bugzilla the 
> thousands of bugs that haven't been fixed ( waiting for you )
here again the same thing, Unless I have the right hardware i dont know 
what the heck works and what doesn't . Or is there another way to work 
around this limitation?
> Hope it helps
> Regards
> Victor Rodriguez

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