On Robert's Love Linux kernel development 3rd edtion

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> Hi,
> I'm trying to lean linux kernel dev.
> I bought Robert's love book : "Linux Kernel develpment"
> This book is based on the linux version 2.6.
> I can see  in the kernel.org site that the latest stable version of ther
> kernel is 3.9.9.
> So my question is : what is the most efficient way to learn from this book
>  ?
> 1) Download the 2.6 version and follow the examples and explanations based
> from this version
> 2) Download the 3.9.9 version and try to adapt the examples and
> explanations of the book.
> 3) Download both so that I can see the differences.
> Any other idea or suggestion is very welcomed.
> Don't LEAN too much :D
I think newer version is better, Most of the fundamentals remain same
throughout but you have to dig around a bit to find out what exactly
Even if you choose an older version, you would still have to work your way
upwards to newer kernel(provided you are thinking of contributing to
Adapting examples would be pretty good idea, though it may require some
work if you are not very familiar with the basics. Reading mailing lists,
kernelnewbie site and LWN articles should also be helpful.

Thank you
Warm Regards
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