File system mount issue

Saket Sinha saket.sinha89 at
Mon Jul 1 13:28:23 EDT 2013

 This is to discuss the problems I am facing with mounting our fs in kernel in RHEL5.

I have written the entire fs driver(hepunion) built it and generated my
driver excutable file hepunion.ko.
Now after this hepunion.ko gets generated, I insmod it and then so lsmod to
see that it is there.

Now how do I mount it? The man page of mount says
mount  -t  filesystem-type  dev  directory

So I created a mount point directory like /mnt/sak. Now I issue a command
mount -t  hepunion  /dev/sda1 /mnt sak

ERROR: no filesystem of type  hepunion

Kindly help.

Saket Sinha
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