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> On 19 August 2013 15:35, Robert Clove <cloverobert at> wrote:
> > Hello All,
> >
> > I am an software Guy have some knowledge about device drivers.
> > I want to understand porting Linux kernel on new PCI board.
> > I have no idea from where to start and how.
> > Please guide me through some good books and tutorials.
> >
> > Please guide.
> Hello!
> I don't think you want to 'port' Linux on the board. You port the
> kernel on a new CPU processor/architecture.
> I think what you want is to make a device driver for your device (that
> connects via PCI).
> What you should do is search for an existing device driver of a
> similar board and take the code for that one and examine it. Then take
> the technical specs of the new board and see the differences between
> that and the old board and implement the differences in a new code
> that will be the new device driver.


Actually what i want to do is suppose the hardware team give you a new
board and now you want to run Linux kernel on it,
What one should do to port Linux on the new board.

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