How to start with USB device driver.

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Hi Bjorn,

Thanks for the info,  I will start with my PIC :).

On Thu, Jun 28, 2012 at 1:26 PM, Bjørn Mork <bjorn at> wrote:

> "jeshwanth Kumar N K" <jeshkumar555 at> writes:
> > Thanks for the reference :). Ya PIC development board means, I have a
> > development board of a microcontroller (PIC18F4550) from microchip ,
> > it has usb module so I am planning to use that as the device by
> > program it to communicate with my Linux ( I am new to that also, have
> > to learn ).
> It's always best to start with one end. Start with either something on
> the PIC or on Linux.
> Chances are high that you'll find that every driver you need is already
> available in Linux.  The Microchip firmware examples should just work
> with Linux class drivers (hid, cdc-acm, usb-storage), and you can also
> do a lot of stuff in userspace if all you need is to "communicate with"
> the PIC18F4550.  See e.g.
> So, play with the Microchip examples, find out what you want the
> firmware to do, and develop it.  If it needs a new Linux device driver
> then I'll be impressed :-)
> And more GPL'd firmware examples are always nice to have. There are
> already quite a few to start from.  PUF has been there for ages:
> .  I'm sure Google will find others.
> But I'm getting a bit off topic here now...
> Bjørn

Jeshwanth Kumar N K
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