How to start with USB device driver.

Bjørn Mork bjorn at
Thu Jun 28 03:56:57 EDT 2012

"jeshwanth Kumar N K" <jeshkumar555 at> writes:

> Thanks for the reference :). Ya PIC development board means, I have a
> development board of a microcontroller (PIC18F4550) from microchip ,
> it has usb module so I am planning to use that as the device by
> program it to communicate with my Linux ( I am new to that also, have
> to learn ).

It's always best to start with one end. Start with either something on
the PIC or on Linux.

Chances are high that you'll find that every driver you need is already
available in Linux.  The Microchip firmware examples should just work
with Linux class drivers (hid, cdc-acm, usb-storage), and you can also
do a lot of stuff in userspace if all you need is to "communicate with"
the PIC18F4550.  See e.g.

So, play with the Microchip examples, find out what you want the
firmware to do, and develop it.  If it needs a new Linux device driver
then I'll be impressed :-)

And more GPL'd firmware examples are always nice to have. There are
already quite a few to start from.  PUF has been there for ages: .  I'm sure Google will find others.
But I'm getting a bit off topic here now...


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