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For kernel programming the books already mentioned are excellent for starters.

On Wed, Jun 6, 2012 at 1:28 AM, manty kuma <mantykuma at> wrote:
> @Ezequiel
> I am currently working on v4l2 driver. Specific stuff i have googled it and

For v4l specific I *really* recommend:

1. Read v4l2 api series [1]
2. Read videobuf2 article [2]
3. Read Documentation/video4linux/v4l2-framework.txt
4. Read vivi driver (media/video/vivi.c) carefully
5. Read the latest media api [3]

The v4l2 framework is very mature, but it has a complete api
you have to understand well, with semantics of its own.
This, along with the new videobuf2 support for buffer handling,
makes it possible to write an elegant, compact driver.

My advice is: be patient and read A LOT!
But also: start writing code as soon as possible! In my country we say
"watermelons fit on the road",
which means: "start working and things will get smooth as you work" :-)


Good luck,

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