Asking advice for graduate study

Michael Blizek michi1 at
Wed Jan 26 12:16:57 EST 2011


On 21:02 Tue 25 Jan     , cheng chen wrote:
> Hi, all!
> I am going to further my education in graduate school of Master of Science
> degree. I am interested in network, but I am not sure what direction I
> should choose and which professional books I should read. Therefore I ask
> for help and suggestion from you.
> In summary, I have both the fundamental knowledge about network programming
> as well as communication theory. Therefore I prefer an area which has the
> relationship with both the software and hardware (but with more attention on
> software.) By the way, I am especially interested in how the whole network
> system works, rather than how two single points communicate.
> If you have any suggestion about what I could do next (areas, books, whaever~),
> please be kind to tell me. Thank you very much.

If you are looking about some interesting stuff, I can suggest:
manpages of socket api

programing a layer 3+4 network protocol for mesh networks

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