How to load and run a program (image) on to a fresh ARM based board?

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> Dear All,
> I am new to Board Support Package (BSP) development. I have few basic
> questions about BSP.  The hardware devices that I have with me are as
> follows.
> This question possibly belongs to arm-mailing list or JTAG mailing list

> 1)      A custom board with Samsung S3C2510A micro controller which is
> based on ARM 940T core with some serial ports, ethernet ports and a
> JTAG interface.
> 2)      J-Link JTAG with J-Flash and J-LinkGDBServer applications.
> My basic questions are,
> a)      How can I load my program (image) on to the device flash?

you have to look into jtag manual for that.
possibly you have to  load uboot on the board.
connecting one end of jtag to board through a network cable and one end with
your machine
and after loading uboot, you have to use tftpboot or something
similar(depending on the board documents)
you may have to use uwrite or fiswrite to write uImage to board
you have to be careful with address and all, else you may end up corrupting
the board memory.

For ep boards, there are many document online on ep's site.
i am not sure about your board. manual and board's mailing list is your best

b)      How can I copy my program from flash to RAM and run the same from
> RAM?
> c)      Where can I see my program output?
> In brief, I want to load my application on to the device and run the
> same. How can I do this? What are other tools or applications I need?
> What other information I need like flash details, micro controller
> details etc.?
> Thanks and Regards,
> Madhavi M.
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