How to load and run a program (image) on to a fresh ARM based board?

Madhavi Manchala madhavi.linux at
Tue Jan 25 11:04:48 EST 2011

Dear All,

I am new to Board Support Package (BSP) development. I have few basic
questions about BSP.  The hardware devices that I have with me are as

1)      A custom board with Samsung S3C2510A micro controller which is
based on ARM 940T core with some serial ports, ethernet ports and a
JTAG interface.
2)      J-Link JTAG with J-Flash and J-LinkGDBServer applications.

My basic questions are,
a)      How can I load my program (image) on to the device flash?
b)      How can I copy my program from flash to RAM and run the same from RAM?
c)      Where can I see my program output?

In brief, I want to load my application on to the device and run the
same. How can I do this? What are other tools or applications I need?
What other information I need like flash details, micro controller
details etc.?

Thanks and Regards,
Madhavi M.

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