how to find the pointer address

mohit verma mohit89mlnc at
Wed Jan 12 16:07:06 EST 2011

hi all,

i have to trap  some kernel functions  like:

         any pathname resolution function  has to go through the
link_path_walk() kernel function. so what this function returns is 0 on
success or error.
 but when it reurns with 0  , the nameidata->dentry and  mnt fields of
nameidata structure point to the pathname component.
so most probably( m not  sure) this  will change the stack address and get
back to the calling  point of link_path_walk().

is there any way by which i can find out the address of the pointer returned
back from link_path_walk() (indirectly)  of nameidata structure.
i mean as  u guys suggested me over here  to just use kprobe() kernel
tracing funtion to use  but the problem is with how to find it out?

is  there any way in /proc subsystem to  check it out?

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