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> Hi,
> Maybe I am not the first one to ask such a question...but couldnt stop
> myself either...
> I have read all the relevant books on linux...such as LKD & LDD. I have
> tried getting some projects on as well ...however, i have
> not been lucky so far.
> I want to land up with a job in Linux Kernel but everywhere I get rejected
> for lack of practical experience.
> Dont know what to do to get relevant practical experince which gets counted
> and helps me land up with a job.
> I am low on morale and confidence...pls suggest.
> Regards,
> Sakshi

This is annoying, two mail with same contents.
this explains why thing are not working for you. Be a bit patient while
group replies to you mail.
Besides your focus is wrong, please try to learn as much as you can rather
just thinking about the job.
Yes most companies wont take you until you have relevant experience and/or
you got a patch submitted upstream.
so, i would suggest start working with user space stuff for some company and
in the mean time hone your skills.

My faq page on newbies will soon be up, you can get more info from there.
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