Packaging "chirp" for Fedora

Edward Vielmetti edward.vielmetti at
Sun May 28 17:08:49 EDT 2023

chirp is a programming tool for HTs that supports a bunch of radios.
For a lot of 2 meter radios it's way, way, way easier to deal with than
punching buttons on the front panel.

It looks like chirp got pulled from Fedora 31 because at the time
it was dependent on Python 2, which was EOL.

Fast forward a couple of releases, and now chirp is based on Python 3.
Would it be of interest to try packaging it again? Richard KF5OIM
looks like he was in the midst of the 2019 discussion. The new Chirp
instructions at

specifically say "tested on Fedora 37" and give Python 3 dependencies.

thanks and 73 de Ed W8EMV

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