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Thanks Matt.

I tried following the instructions at

and got a bounce back for email to "bob at". Is there
a new best contact for that address (so that the wiki can be incrementally
more up to date?)

thanks again

73 de Ed W8EMV

If you are a ham radio operator or a fedora packager/maintainer that is
interested in getting some radio related packages in the the Fedora package
collection add your name to the members section or send an email to
bob at with the subject "SIG: Fedora Hams"

On Sun, May 28, 2023 at 2:35 PM Matt Domsch <matt at> wrote:

> Welcome Ed. N5MLD here. I had been using an RTL-SDR device for a
> couple years and packaged up the CubicSDR and SDR++ GUI packages, along
> with the SoapySDR device drivers. That combination worked pretty well.
> There are Soapy drivers for other hardware, but not all are packaged in
> Fedora mostly due to lack of hardware in the hands of the packagers.  If
> you're into 2m or 70cm APRS or other packet radio, the direwolf package is
> quite good for transmitting or receiving/decoding APRS or running your own
> digipeater.
> 73 N5MLD
> On Sat, May 27, 2023 at 11:01 PM Edward Vielmetti <
> edward.vielmetti at> wrote:
>> Happy to find this mailing list. By way of introduction -
>> I'm Ed W8EMV in Ann Arbor, MI. Got my tech license
>> in 2010 at Maker Faire Detroit, and upgraded to General
>> in 2016.  Long time shortwave listener before all of that,
>> and I got started with ham radio software with Phil
>> Karn's "KA9Q NOS" in the late 1980s using it at the
>> U of Michigan to explore the early Internet.
>> Most of my radio time is on 2 meters, or on digital
>> modes like DMR, or listening using KiwiSDR receivers
>> around the world or locally using GQRX.
>> I am not an experienced Fedora user for all that - most
>> of my command line time is either on MacOS or on a Pi
>> running something Debian derived - but I do have quite
>> an interest in finding and supporting software that enables
>> amateur radio operations. In particular I'm hoping to put
>> together a Fedora laptop system for my shack to plug
>> various SDR devices into for remote access.
>> I found some resources, namely these
>> If there's any other places where I could dive in to ham
>> radio software supported on Fedora, I'm interested in hearing more.
>> tnx es 73 de Ed W8EMV
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>> Edward Vielmetti +1 734 330 2465
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