change location of config

nicholas at
Sun Nov 18 00:05:36 EST 2012

>> I am trying to install the scripts again but I do not want to mess up 
>> my existing. Can I change the location of /etc/spamikaze/conf to say 
>> /home/dbnsbl/conf instead?
> make 2 dirs in ~/dnsbl
> call the dirs oldconf and newconf
> move content from /etc/spamikaze/conf to the oldconf new dir
> then after that make symlink from /etc/spamikaze/oldconf to oldconf or 
> newconf dir
>that way you can turn back to the oldconf just with a change of symlink 

Thanks Benny. 

Now I am having some issues.

1. I don’t have a file listing so I change the link to cgi-bin/listing.cgi . Am I correct to do this?
2. formail -s /path/ < /path/spam.mbox does not work. 
But if I do formail -s /path/ < /path/spam.mbox/email.1 it will be added to the database
I do have like2000 spams, and I do not wish to do it individually. How can I get the whole folder to be added?
3. alias |/opt/spamikaze/scripts/ does not work for me. Is it because I have chkuser?
I am using webmin to Alias to Feed to a program  /location/of/ . Is this correct?

Many thanks


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