Howdy! Giving it a shot.

South Computers info at
Sun Jan 1 23:12:59 EST 2012

Well, been subscribed forever, meaning to set a copy up, and finally 
found some time to give it a shot.

I know next to nothing about perl, and a bit rusty on my php, so pardon 
any simple oversights.

Here's where I'm at:

Trying this on a scientific linux  6 x64 (yet another RHEL rebuild)  box.

Installed the perl modules. Also at some point realized that in addition 
to the required ones listed on the docs & wiki, I also needed the CGI 
module. Done.

When creating the database (using mysql), I found the sql dump in the 
source (and the git) had to have the top lines removed. Was choking on 
the "--------------------" line when trying to execute the sql.  Done.

Working with the config.php file:
Line 38 needed to be changed to "connect" instead of  "mysql_connect".  
Fine, done.

Now getting errors on line 38 when trying to execute one of the php 
files (trying with spamlisting.php). Getting  "Allowed memory size of 
134217728 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 523800 bytes) in 
/var/mydir/config.php on line 38."

Tried being lazy and increasing my php limits just for kicks to no avail.

Looks like I need to edit the mail code in the config.php. So, being a 
bit tired, thought I'd just introduce myself & ask if anyone has a quick 
fix for the mail function lines before I start rewriting the mail 
portion of the config file, as I have not read through the code of most 
of the other files yet, and really don't want to break anything else 
fixing this portion just yet.


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