What to do when a patch set gets no reply for 3 weeks ?

Thomas Schmitt scdbackup at gmx.net
Tue Sep 29 06:26:20 EDT 2020


i sent my first patch set three weeks ago. See:

It was made with
  git format-patch
and sent by
  git send-email
to the addresses which were proposed here. In linux-scsi it showed up
after a day.

Then i followed the advise in Documentation/process/submitting-patches.rst
  "Wait for a minimum of
   one week before resubmitting or pinging reviewers - possibly longer"

Still no reply yet. Neither to my mail address nor visible in the thread
display of lore.kernel.org.

Could some merciful person have a look at my patch set and point me to
obvious reasons why it does not get considered ?


If no obvious shortcomming disqualifies my patches, what to do next ?

- Ping everybody ?

- Repost ?

- Post one of the patch sets which i made during my time of patience ?
  I have
  - 3 bug fixes for cdrom+sr
  - 1 augmentation of cdrom+sr for multi-session DVD and BD media
  - 1 wish for a new ioctl CDROM_SIMUL_CHANGE in cdrom+sr
  - 2 bug fixes for isofs

Have a nice day :)


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