Please give advise about my first patch attempt

Thomas Schmitt scdbackup at
Thu Sep 3 11:59:28 EDT 2020


i'm back at work with my patch for automatic CD loading, but the target
moves faster than i can follow.

Meanwhile the sr part of my change plays on a fresh construction site
of linux-scsi:
  "rework check_disk_change()"
  2020-09-02 14:11 Christoph Hellwig

Currently our plans overlap by [PATCH 17/19] "sr: use
bdev_check_media_change" although they do not (yet) really conflict

It seems unwise to propose changes while Christoph Hellwig is actively
working on the same code.
(And i don't even know where to get the git branch with such a recent
 change when it is committed.)

What is the socially acceptable way to coordinate plans with him ?
- Shall i patiently wait until he is done with cdrom and sr ?
- Shall i announce my interest in fixing automatic tray loading and
  other things in a brief mail to the list ?
- Shall i post my patches (*) as they are and just wait for instructions ?

Studying Christoph's work in linux-scsi brought me to the prediction
that they will want separate patches for cdrom and sr.
Also i reworked my implementation along his design pattern of factoring
out and exporting functions and then calling them where beneficial.
(I.e. my -EDEADLK hack is dead. Long live cdrom_handle_open_tray().
 Larger cdrom patch, but also nicer looking code.)

Have a nice day :)


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