which "make" target simply builds the scripts/dtc/dtc executable?

rpjday at crashcourse.ca rpjday at crashcourse.ca
Fri Mar 13 14:13:41 EDT 2020

   colleague has a kernel-compile infrastructure which builds the
kernel just fine, but croaks trying to compile .dts files, complaining
that there is no "./scripts/dtc/dtc" file.

   ok, so that sounds like whatever it is that compiles dtc.c (and
friends) into dtc is being omitted. i just want to test whatever
make target would normally compile that, but i'm having trouble
figuring which make processing does that.

   is there a top-level target that wanders into scripts/dtc, and
compiles that?


p.s. i'm testing this on x86, which typically doesn't use dtb files,
and there are no .dts files, so i'm looking for the target that
would normally compile into "dtc", even though there's nothing
that really needs it, if that makes a difference.

i thought "make scripts_dtc" would do it, but that didn't seem to
make any difference. thoughts?

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