Alternate method of running swapon?

Valentin Vidić vvidic at
Wed Jan 8 15:28:20 EST 2020

On Wed, Jan 08, 2020 at 03:08:42PM -0500, Jeffrey Walton wrote:
> It looks like this is coming from the OpenVZ folks. They feel a
> swapfile would negatively impact performance, so it is disabled.

Yep, since this is not a full VM but rather a container, there is
not much to do other than buying a bigger VPS.

> (I'm not sure how a DoS is considered a good result, given an OOM kill
> just about always knocks out MySQL).

Swap in a way converts memory access into disk IO. And since a lot of disk
IO can harm all services running on the host, for the operator it is safer
to OOM kill one process and save all the others :)


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